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Technology Integration Services Focus

Technology Integration Services provides infrastructure, customer service and support of learning technologies to the faculty, staff, students and units of the Haslam College of Business. Its focus is to facilitate the use of the campus technology infrastructure and provide support services to meet the unique needs of the college.

How to Get Help

Students needing laptop support can get help at the OIT Help Desk.

Faculty and staff receive customer support through joint services provided by the university's Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Technology Integration Services (TIS).

Tech Tidbits


What is FERPA?

October 5, 2015

Being a part of an educational institution, we are required to adhere to certain Federal laws that dictate the protection of different types of information. Specifically, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, known as FERPA, is the Federal law that requires us to protect the privacy of student education records.

In order to protect those records, it is crucial that faculty and staff are knowledgeable on what is considered a student record so that they can implement steps to best protect them. Essentially, educational records are official records that directly relate to a student and that are maintained by our school or by a party acting on behalf of the school. This may include grades, Social Security Numbers, or account balances. Further, it is important that faculty and staff know that FERPA applies not only to electronic student records, but any student record regardless of whether the information is in oral, written or digital format.

While this information may seem simple to categorize, there are many exceptions and rules that apply to the information. The one-stop-shop for FERPA information is This site contains everything you want to know about FERPA at UTK as well as FERPA training that is certified by the FERPA Privacy Officer – Monique Anderson. A general overview of FERPA is also available through the SANS Securing the Human training. NOTE: the SANS training is VERY general. You should always refer to the UTK FERPA site for information applicable to our institution.

To review the “FERPA” module in SANS Securing the Human, go to the OIT Security Awareness web page and click on the BIG RED BUTTON image at the top of the page. You will be prompted to enter your NetID and Password.

IT Weekly - Oct 2, 2015

More New..

June 1st, 2015

TIS Announces Three New Programs to Serve Faculty & Staff Needs:

  1. On-site certified Apple Technician once/month
  2. “Mobile Help Desk,” or our people coming to your department every few weeks
  3. E-Recycling Pick Up

Beginning this summer, TIS will coordinate a regularly scheduled on-site Macintosh expert to diagnose Mac-specific problems, answer your questions regarding your desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone or any other Macintosh device, or just discuss what you’re trying to do and how your device can help you do it.  Hardware problems will still require either VolTech or Apple Store hardware support, but other issues can be solved at the desktop without additional delay.  As before TIS is on-call to help with any technological problem at any time, but this service allows you access to regularly-scheduled Mac-specific support.  Look for more details and a support schedule soon.

Also beginning this summer, TIS will offer Mobile Help Desk Support to help solve your technology problems.  This means that a TIS staff member will be dedicated to your area for specific periods each month to answer technology questions, help solve your technology problems, and generally ensure that your systems are working as needed.   As before TIS is on-call to help with any technological problem at any time, but this service also allows you access to regularly scheduled support. Look for more details and a support schedule soon.

Finally, in conjunction with UT Recycling, TIS will now collect your Electronic-Waste (E-Waste) items and see that they are properly disposed of or recycled, beginning immediately.

E-Waste includes everyday items such as used batteries, used printer cartridges, broken mice, CD’s, and hard drives.  Other larger items may include printers, computers, storage devices, media readers, and other electronic waste items.  If you are unsure of how to dispose of the items, just contact TIS and we can assist you with “getting it gone.”

For pickup, disposal coordination, or questions just call TIS Reception @ 974-8790, or email  

April 24, 2015

File Storage Options for Faculty, Staff, and Students

The university provides three approved file storage options. Information about storing sensitive information is available in the OIT Knowledge Base.

T-Storage: T-Storage (you might know this as the H: drive on your computer) provides a central location on premise for users and departments to store files and is available to all Knoxville faculty, staff, and students. Files are backed up and retained for up to 90 days. Additional information, including details for hourly, daily, and monthly back-ups are available on the OIT T-Storage website.

OneDrive for Business: OneDrive for Business is available through your Office 365 account. You can store documents and photos online so they can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer and be shared with others. Information about the retention of deleted files is available in the OIT Knowledge Base. Additional information about OneDrive, including the usage policy, is available on OIT’s Office 365 page.

Google Drive: Google Drive on your Mac, PC, Android or iOS device gives you a single place for up-to-date versions of your files from anywhere. Information about the retention of deleted files is available in the OIT Knowledge Base. Additional information about Google Drive, including the usage policy, is available on OIT’s Google Apps page.

If you have questions about which option is best for you, contact the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900.


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