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What is a SharePoint site?


SharePoint Online.SharePoint Online is a browser based collaboration tool that provides central file storage, collaboration tools and is the primary intranet for internal websites for the college.

Faculty and staff can share information easily. Some of the most popular sharing features are, file sharing, discussion boards, calendars, newsfeeds, announcements, promoted links, task lists, the ability to easily export data out to Excel and to import Excel spreadsheet into SharePoint, workflows (for automating work processes), custom forms, surveys, blogs, and sharing of ideas and information on SharePoint intranet web pages.



SharePoint Online integrates into our Office 365 environment. You can connect your SharePoint calendars, task lists and other resources to your Outlook application, so you have one location or portal for accessing your collaboration resources.

SharePoint is easy for users to maintain and update their own sites, since it is browser base. Users can easily create their own content and update it.

You can request a new SharePoint site, by visiting this link: Request SharePoint Site Form. You will need a netId and password for access.


The College's SharePoint Environments

The Haslam college has several SharePoint environments. There are two new SharePoint environments, SharePoint 2013 Online and SharePoint 2016.

The older SharePoint 2010 environment has been migrated over to our newer SharePoint 2016 On Premise environment. Here are our SharePoint environments:

All of the college's SharePoint environments use a secure connection - SSL for accessing any site or resource within a SharePoint site. All of the college's SharePoint sites will required you to login. SharePoint environments are Active Directory aware, so this means you can use your email (for example, and password for accessing the college's SharePoint environments.


SharePoint Training

If you need SharePoint training, there are several options available. Below is a list of options and links for SharePoint training:

  • TIS also provides SharePoint training to departments, faculty and staff. You can visit the Training schedule web page for TIS workshops, by visiting this link: This site is an intranet website, which means you need to be on campus to access it or use a VPN, but you don't need to login
  • You can request training by filling out our IT Request Help form or by emailing:
  • - has a large number of training tutorials - use your Netid to watch these training tutorials for free
  • Microsoft Online Learning Courses - Login Page
  • OIT offers general SharePoint training - OIT Training Schedule


OIT's SharePoint Site

OIT has created a SharePoint site that contains information and resources regarding the SharePoint environment at UT. In fact, this site is a SharePoint site. You can visit OIT's SharePoint site at:


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