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Technology Integration Services

 Haslam College of Business

Computing Support

Data Encryption

To protect sensitive data contact TIS for recommended methods.

Departmental and Personal Drives

College users have use of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) centralized disk storage.  College departments wishing to have a secured area allowing only authorized users should contact TIS or complete the following form.  For more information see

Network Printing

College printers are managed by TIS using Active Directory security to configure departmental and staff use for University owned Windows and Macintosh computers.  The ability to print from non-university owned computers are also available (see FAQ).

Network Ports

Ports are NOT automatically active just because a port is available. Please contact TIS to request port activation, a need for additional port installation or if you’re needing to access a port blocked by furniture. Cables for connecting computers or printers are the department’s responsibility.

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers for research and classroom use are now available through OIT.  If interested in this service please contact OIT at 974-9900 or visit their website:


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