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New TIS Intranet Website

TIS is in the process of migrating a lot of our website pages over to our new intranet website - The new TIS intranet website (internal facing) is more secure. The new intranet website is behind a firewall and it uses a secure connection (SSL). You can't be too careful when it comes to security today.

What does this mean for faculty, staff, and students? Not much, when you are on campus. You will be able to access all of the web pages on our new intranet website. When you are off campus, you'll need to use UT's Virtual Private Network (VPN) software (Juniper Pulse Secure), which is a good practice to start familiarize yourself with, if you aren't familiar with using the VPN software. The VPN software is easy to use. For more details, visit this link: or visit OIT's website to dowload the VPN software.

You will be redirected to the HCB Building Floor Maps - - page on our new intranet website in 60 seconds.


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